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Finding Artemis


Under a moonless sky, hundreds – maybe thousands of years ago – the women gather to celebrate a new lunar cycle. They play music. They dance in the firelight. They make offerings to Mother Earth for her wondrous gifts. And they revel in the power of all creation and plant seeds on intention.

Artemis, the huntress and moon goddess  is among them. She is both protector and destroyer, containing both feminine and masculine energies. Artemis is complete, whole in and of herself. And it is to herself that she must be true.

The spirit of Artemis burns in my soul. In as much as I have accepted, even embraced my traditional role as wife and mother, of nurturer and protector, I long for the solitude of the Earth’s quiet places, and to be responsible to and for no one.

What an ironic dichotomy.

I seek the company of like-minded women on the nights when the moon is new. I seek the moments when I am not wife, nor mother. Only then can I fully embrace my true self. The artist, the poet, the creator, the thinker, the healer and the crone. And my sisters, they will understand. They will celebrate me – as I will them. And they will share my sorrow and nurse my wounds as only sisters can.

I cannot find these women in my world – though I’m sure they are there. But I will not stop searching. For Artemis lives in me.



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